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kinds of granite do we sell?

Each type of granite deposit has its own fascinating color and texture pattern which will satisfy the sophisticated aesthetic demands of the housing industry from private residential houses and public areas.


so special about Botswana granite?

Botswana granite is one of the hardest building materials.

It occupies a prominent place amongst stone products on account of its hardness, resistance to weathering and its ability to take on a highly polished surface. In addition it has fascinating colours and textural patterns.

The principal characteristics of Botswana granite also include high load bearing capacity, crushing strength, abrasive strength, amenability to cutting and shaping without secondary flaws, an ability to yield thin and large slabs, and, perhaps above all, sheer durability.


history – so far!

Tecogranite became operative in Botswana as a granite quarrying and manufacturing company.

It is the first factory of this kind in Botswana. It was started up to contribute to diversification of the economy through its unique high quality products.